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Privacy Curtain Accessories

Whether you use traditional privacy curtains or snap on privacy curtain panels, replacing worn or damaged privacy curtains can be a big expense. Our privacy curtains accessories can help extend the life of your privacy curtains by providing an additional layer protection to the fabric, easy-to-clean touch points, coordinating wands or pulls.

The C-Pull clamps onto the edge of privacy curtains and provides a "Hand Target" for patients, caregivers, and visitors. Easily wiped down and disinfected, the C-Pull is infused with Micrillon, which provides built-in rechargeable antimicrobial protection. This small investment provides a big return when it comes to reducing the spread of bacteria.
The C-Pull hand-hold folds over the edge of the curtain and the red clip locks it in place. The C-Pull is made of glass filled polyamide for durability.
Dimensions: 14.25" x 4.8", 10.5 oz.
Sold in packs of 10.

An Effective Tool in the War Against pHAI's

● Built-in rechargeable anti-B.V.F. product protection
● Provides a hard surface "touch-point target" for caregivers, patients, and guests
● ES & IP process improvement - adopts easily to daily patient room processing
● Designed for use with all styles of disposable and reusable privacy curtains
● Built-in, non-leeching product protection, Micrillon, a broad spectrum antimicrobial effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses
● Hypochlorous disinfectants recommended for maximum antimicrobial recharge
● Reduces hand-to-curtain contamination
● Extends time between R&R wash process
● Significant annual "per curtain" cost saving
● Durable and shatterproof
● One size fits all
● Promotes patient dialogue and goodwill

Privacy Curtain Liners

Protect your investment with cubicle curtain liners. Our liners provide protection against spills and splatters in rooms that get high use providing a quick and easy clean up and turn around.

Curtain Hand Shields

There is no simple one-step solution for preventing and eliminating healthcare acquired infections in every setting and for every patient. However, by paying special attention to the surfaces closest to the patient and those that are frequently touched we can help reduce the chance of infection transmission.

Studies have proven that the leading edges of privacy curtains can be re-infected with bacteria shortly after laundering. The Hand Shield® is a patented disposable product that can help protect the frequently touched edges of privacy curtains regardless of make or manufacturer.

Wands and Curtain Pull

Repeatedly pulling cubicle curtains and drapery treatments by the edge allows grease, dirt, and grime to build up and over time can cause fabrics to stretch and lose their shape. Facilitate the opening and closing of privacy curtains and drapery treatments while reducing direct hand contact with our Curtain Wand EX. Available in an array of lengths and colors, curtain wands attach easily to most existing track and carrier systems.

I.V. Tracks and Trees

Useful everywhere from resident rooms to ICU rooms our I.V. Track Systems provide staff and patients with a system that is easy to use and out of the way. We offer both telescoping and non-telescoping IV pendants.

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