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Phoenix Committed to Quality

Since 1983, Phoenix Textile Corporation has dedicated itself to providing our customers with quality products, competitive pricing, and outstanding service. We know the products and services we supply directly affect the health and well-being of our customer’s residents and patients and take that responsibility seriously. Everyone from our CEO to the warehouse employee packaging orders understands that quality is everyone’s responsibility and is committed to complete customer satisfaction.

Although we have over thirty years of experience in providing high quality products and services to our customers, we know quality doesn’t just happen by talking about it. It takes quality people committed to designing the right products, working with the right manufacturing partners, and developing the right processes to ensure success. WITHIN REACH PRIVACY CURTAINS are the result of that success. 

We invite you to follow along with us through the manufacturing process as we make a WITHIN REACH PRIVACY CURTAIN and see the value that comes with top quality construction. 

Quality Construction

Once you select a pattern and color, our expediting team places the order for the fabric, tracks delivery and arrival at the workroom, and assigns priority placement on the production schedule.  

In addition to receiving fabrics direct from the mill, Phoenix Textile also keeps a large quantity of our most popular fabrics in stock. Fabrics kept in inventory reduce lead times and are especially useful for rush orders. 

Fabric Intake

Within Reach Privacy Curtains

Cutting Machine

Rolls of fabric are prepped and loaded onto the cutting machine. The fabric is secured along one edge with clamps, which hold the fabric at the correct tension to ensure a clean, straight cut. 

An automated arm pulls the fabric to the specified length while the production leader visually inspects to ensure only first quality fabrics are used for our privacy curtains. 

Fabric Cutting
<style="font-family: verdana, geneva; font-size: small;">Once the fabric has been inspected a mechanized roller blade cuts the fabric to the appropriate length.
Carefully Measuring
<style="font-family: verdana, geneva; font-size: small;">A line worker then measures and separates the length of fabric into individually sized panels with a hand-held, rotating blade.
Hand Cut
<style="font-family: verdana, geneva; font-size: small;">Once the fabric has been cut to the proper size, it is moved to the next stage of production.

The Phoenix Difference

Built To Last

Reinforced Edges
<style="text-align: justify;">A seamstress prepares the curtain header top hem to be finished by wrapping the fabric around stiffener.
Reinforced Seams
<style="text-align: justify;">WITHIN REACH PRIVACY CURTAINS are made with triple thickness, double-wrapped stiffener and sewn with a double-lock stitch at the top hem for excellent strength and durability. 
Hem Measure
<style="text-align: justify;">Because of its reliability double-lock stitches are used on all of the hems of our WITHIN REACH PRIVACY CURTAINS. 

The seamstress will finish each edge of the privacy panels with a double-lock stitch before the premium snaps are added. Measurements are carefully taken and guides are used to ensure a straight and even hem.

Once the hems are complete, the privacy curtain is moved down the production line so the snaps can be set.

Premium Quality Snaps

Snap Privacy Curtains

A production worker carefully lines up the reinforced top hem of the privacy curtain to the positioning plates on the setting machine and the snaps are automatically spaced correctly and attached to the fabric. 


After the snaps have been set the privacy curtain panels are ready for their final inspection and packaging.


All of our WITHIN REACH PRIVACY CURTAIN panels are ironed by hand and visually inspected to ensure construction meets our strict standards before being packaged for shipment. All orders are shipped wrapped in plastic and boxed in heavyweight, premium boxes to ensure safe delivery.

Iron Inspection

In addition to the visual inspection all panels receive our Quality Control check completes a hang test on every order to ensure a finished product that we are proud to stand behind.

Hang Test

We invite you to visit our showroom and see first-hand the quality construction of our WITHIN REACH PRIVACY CURTAINS.  

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