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T Screen with Kool Black Technology

Designed to provide facilities a leading-edge roller shade fabric that contributes to more comfortable buildings, T Screen with KOOLBLACK Technology provides superior thermal comfort and excellent natural daylighting for window shade applications. 
Key features of T Screen fabrics with KOOLBLACK Technology include:
     - Improved heat reflection with KOOLBLACK Technology infused white fabric 
     - Superior view and glare control of dark KOOLBLACK Technology fabric
     - Reflects up to 63 percent of all solar radiation
     - High reflectivity reduces temperatures and cooling costs
     - Clear, crisp outward visibility
     - Blocks up to 93 percent of all visible light for visual comfort
     - Maximum glare control for effective daylighting and visual comfort 

T Screen with KOOLBLACK Technology is the best preforming fabric in its category. Compared to similar dual sided screen fabrics, T Screen with KOOLBLACK Technology has significant advantages in heat blockage and glare control. Because KOOLBLACK™ Technology is inherent in the fabric, it does not rub off or fade over time.

Available Colors

KoolBlack White and Grey
KoolBlack White and Charcoal
KoolBlack White and Cocoa
KoolBlack White and Charcoal Grey
KoolBlack White and Charcoal Cocoa

Additional styles featuring KOOLBLACK Technology available, contact your Phoenix Representative for additional information or to request a swatch.

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