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Phoenix Long Term Care Beds

Phoenix Textile offers a wide-range of beds and mattresses including manual, electric, and bariatric to the long-term care industry. The new Carroll CS Series Wide Deck, now available in 36", 39", and 42" widths, is designed to accommodate the increasing number of residents who desire a wider sleep surface. By keeping our emphasis on resident quality and comfort, Phoenix Textile helps your residents feel at home and at ease in any long-term care setting.

Long-Term Care Beds

Phoenix Air Mattresses

Phoenix Mattresses are built around comfort, value, and performance. That is why our Comfort Care series features mattresses engineered to meet your unique long-term care needs. Our mattresses and specialty mattress collections let you decide between a wide-range of features from passive restraint to a gel overlay so you can offer maximum comfort and safety to each and everyone of your residents.

Our Catalogs

Our eCatalogs make it easy and fast for you to check out the vast array of products and services available to you through Phoenix Textile Corporation with just a few clicks of the mouse. Turn the pages, zoom in for a closer look, print a page, or copy an image all from your desktop. The experience of a traditional print catalog with the benefit of working online.