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Phoenix Incontinence Care Products

Incontinent care is a sensitive issue for patients and caregivers alike, one that can cause discomfort, embarrassment, and frustration. That's why we took special care when developing our incontinent care product line to offer a wide variety of facecloth options, absorbency capabilities and barrier fabrics. From our classic economy underpads, to our premier Birdguard underpads, Phoenix Textile provides quality incontinence protection products for linens and mattresses.


Brushed Tricot Underpads

Brushed Tricot

Tricot fabrics use a special vertical zigzag knit making it very resistant to runs. It is then finished with a mechanical brushing to give it a soft hand.

Broadcloth Underpads


Broadcloth fabrics are densely woven in a plain weave with a faint crosswise rib, they have a stiff drape, are extremely durable, and resist wrinkling.

Birdseye Underpads

Birdseye Knit

Birdseye fabric is woven to increase absorbency with a loosely twisted filling. Birdseye fabrics launder well and will soften and fluff with washing.

Durablend Ibex Underpads

Durablend Ibex

Ibex fabrics combine the strength of polyester with the comfort of cotton for more durability. Woven in a plain weave with a 10 single yarn it is thicker that traditional twill.

Soaker Weight

We've worked with our vendor partners to develop a line of incontinent care products that offers outstanding durability and comfort for every level of protection. Whether you need lightweight underpads for stress and urge incontinence patients, medium weight underpads for overflow incontinence conditions or heavyweight underpads for functional incontinence; our incontinent care line allows you to choose the underpads that best fits your facilities needs.

Soaker Composition

The fiber composition works in conjunction with the weight of the soaker pad to determine the amount of fluid an underpad will absorb. Polyester soakers weigh less but will need to be changed more frequently. At Phoenix Textile we offer underpads with a variety of soaker pad composition including 100% Polyester, 95%/5% Polyester/Rayon, and 50%/50% Polyester/Rayon.

Barrier Fabrics

Designed for durability and lasting performance most Phoenix Textile reusable underpads feature Vintex barriers. Vintex barriers use a proven extrusion coating process which provides a stronger mechanical bond to withstand repeated launderings, resulting in a longer lifespan and lower cost per use.

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