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Phoenix Honeycomb Shades

Simple but sophisticated in color, detailing, and design Honeycomb Shades work well with a variety of decorating styles. The closed cell design creates pockets of air that insulate windows from heat and cold to lower energy bills year round while diffusing light and providing privacy. Offering excellent sound absorption, cellular shades also reduce noise in rooms with hard flooring making them ideal for many institutional settings. 


3/4" Translucent Fabric

Star Magnolia Shades
Sunbeam Shades
Banana Cream Shades
Shell Shades


3/4" Blackout Fabric

Star Magnolia Black Out Shade
Sunbeam Black Out Shade
Banana Cream Black Out Shade
Shell Black Out Shades


FR Honeycomb Shades

- Non-woven polyester fabric
- UV blockage: 99%
- Anti-static, dust-resistant fabric repels dirt and dust
- Neutral color to exterior
- Fabrics pass NFPA 701-99 small-scale flammability testing

Top Down Bottom Up

This upgrade allows for greater versatility and maximum privacy. Right and left hand controls move the middle and bottom rails to raise and lower the shade. This style is ideal for letting light in through the top while preserving privacy below.

Continuous Cord Loop

Perfect for larger windows, allows the shade to be raised or lowered with ease. The clutch system provides smooth lift-assisted movement, while the cord loop eliminates traditional dangling cords for a neater appearance. Continuous cord loop shades are available with a white headrail only.

Cordless Lift System

Eliminates cords completely and allows easy adjustment through lifting and lowering the shade by hand. The movement is smooth and effortless. A clear handle blends into the bottomrail and allows for easy shade control. The cordless left system is also available as Top Down Bottom UP. Cordless shades are available with a white headrail only.

2 on 1 Headrail

For very large single windows or two large windows side-by-side, this specialty option provides he appearance of a single shade, with two sections operating independently. It is also available with the Continuous Cord Loop system.

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