Beds & Mattresses

Long Term Care Beds

Phoenix Textile offers a wide-range of beds and mattresses including manual, electric, and bariatric to the long-term care industry. The new Carroll CS Series Wide Deck, now available in 36", 39", and 42" widths, is designed to accommodate the increasing number of residents who desire a wider sleep surface. By keeping our emphasis on resident quality and comfort, Phoenix Textile helps your residents feel at home and at ease in any long-term care setting.

Long-Term Care Beds

Phoenix Air Mattresses

Phoenix Mattresses are built around comfort, value, and performance. That is why our Comfort Care series features mattresses engineered to meet your unique long-term care needs. Our mattresses and specialty mattress collections let you decide between a wide-range of features from passive restraint to a gel overlay so you can offer maximum comfort and safety to each and everyone of your residents.