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Relevant Patient Care Collection

Creating a soothing, comforting environment is crucial to effective patient care. This is especially important in regards to the soft surfaces that have the most patient contact. Warm blankets, soft sheets, and appealing gowns promote a feeling of healing and wellness that enhance the patient experience. The Relevant Patient Care Collection has been redesigned from the yarn up with careful consideration going into each component to create breakthrough products that offer better value and the right balance between functionality and aesthetics with enhanced materials and quality product design. Relevant by Phoenix goes beyond the commonly available linen and terry products to pursue textile solutions that meet the needs of patients and staff. Our 30 plus years of experience ensure you get the best value for your money.

Relevant Blankets

Relevant in Environmental Impact

In addition to water, chemical and energy savings because of their superior laundering performance, our enhanced blends of Cotton and Polyester provide a more durable product with a longer life span, reducing replacement cost.


Relevant in Care

Relevant by Phoenix offers the practicality, durability, and functionality appreciated by staff and administration interested in controlling cost while maintaining superior patient care. Innovative features such as our integrated weave blankets and polyester patient gowns result in a responsive healthcare solution that is durable and very patient friendly.

Relevant in Design

At Phoenix, we understand that when we focus on making your essential; care products perform better and more efficiently everyone wins. The Relevant Patient Care Collection consists of quality products developed to support patient comfort, while maximizing efficiency and reducing costs. You'll notice crisp colors and bright whites that last, less shrinkage, and an extended life cycle. Patients will notice a smoother, silkier feel to their bedding and gowns.

Relevant in Savings

Relevant by Phoenix allows you to maximize the potential in your linen budget with a product line custom tailored to meet your facility's need for the right mix of value and quality. Enjoy savings in processing costs with quicker drying times and save replacement costs with products designed for durability. The Relevant Patient Care Collection brings cost-consciousness to a new level, reducing costs without sacrificing quality of care.

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